Find Peace and Purpose in Your Career

Welcome! My name is Adenike and my calling is to help you move from sick and tired to peace and purpose in your work!

Adenike Makinde

Find Your Purpose

I was like you – full of ideas, mastering my work and always noted for being a top performer. I never brought up a problem that I did not have a solution for. I took the lead to research, present and implement my ideas … but those ideas were not always a priority with the organization. In fact, many of my ideas were stripped down to fit in the company’s box.

I came to realize that the organizations I worked for valued conformity over innovation

My professional development was not a priority. If I wanted to move into a role outside of my box, there was often no way to do it within the company

I also worked for companies that offered good services but I could not see how my work was really making an impact on the world and so I made the decision to leave and follow my own path.

It took me years to get fully clear on what I loved and the people and organizations that I am uniquely designed to serve and work with but out of that process I developed my Purpose to Position system and I am excited about helping you find work that excites you and companies that value you.

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What are you struggling with?

Getting Started

You want to find real world, in demand positions where you can use your gifts, feel valued as a team member, and make a positive difference – without having to give up your quality of life – but you don’t know how


You relate to the term “imposter syndrome” because of your age, credentials or a really toxic work experience and you need help to build your confidence back up

Diversity of Experience

You like to do a lot of things and you struggle with getting focused or with telling a compelling story that helps to connect the dots of your experience. You need help communicating why your diverse skills make you the best candidate for the position you want

How do I know this? It was my story

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Here are some professionals just like you who knew they wanted a change but did not know exactly what it looked like or how to make the shift. I helped them find their direction, get their confidence back and they are now actively working in their new fields.

During our coaching time together, I was encouraged by the attention that Adenike paid to my needs, but she took specific care to ask me more in depth questions for two reasons: 1.) To make sure she was advising me based on her clear understanding of what I just shared and 2.) To get ME to understand where the origin of what I was feeling may have started. By doing this it opened me up to some revelations about myself and how I viewed my successes and failures and how to use those realizations to move myself forward.

Chris S.

Adenike is such a joy to work with. She was my coach in multiple classes and helped me identify what I truly wanted to focus on in my next endeavor. Because of Adenike, I feel more confident in starting my own consulting business.

Regena J.

Adenike is a great career coach who actually spends time listening to all the individual concerns, and addresses them patiently and systematically. She maintains a positive approach and doesn’t treat the job search process as a mere task, but a process with great experiences.

Shubham T.

Adenike coached me during a major job transition. I had originally contacted her with the intent of job search preparation; however, I got a job before we got started. I decided to go through the process anyway, and I am glad I did. Adenike has a joyful spirit and is knowledgeable in her profession. By working with her, I refined what is important to me in a job and gained great focus on the direction I want to go in my career.

Sandra W.

Adenike coached me during my job search. She was always available to me for any kind of help I needed and on numerous occasions, went out of the way to connect me with the right people to aid in my journey. During my job search, I always had peace of mind knowing that I have someone who can empathize, understand and guide me in the best direction.

Jason W.

I felt confident after working with Adenike that I could handle many difficult situations both with the interview and general networking, which I was nervous of doing before.

Koshika A.

Earlier this year, I felt a bit stuck. Despite working for a great company and having been promoted into excellent opportunities, I knew that something needed to change. And, I couldn’t get out of my own way to see things clearly and make a decision. I started working with Adenike Makinde, a coach and career strategist. She helped me get clear about what I valued in a career, and what I really wanted to do next. I’m now following a passion and building a real estate business

Lindsey H.

Take Action

Most of us have been taught to think that leading our career means putting together a great looking resume and working 50+ hours a week, waiting for a company to offer us a management position.

That is simply wrong. Taking control of our work life starts with creating a clear vision.

I am a career strategist and confidence coach and I partner with 40 + year young professionals to help them find and move into work full of purpose and joy.

When you feel the pain of doing work that does not energize and excite you, don’t go to the job boards! Your answers are not in resumes and job boards but inside you! And that is where I can come in.

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