Every Journey Begins With A First Step

You have heard the old cliché that in order to make a 1000-mile journey you first have to take that first step. Well, that is the story of my life. My life has been series of twists and turns both professionally and personally but it has been a good life – one filled with lots of joy and no regrets.

After graduating from college, I can clearly remember coming home and finding a spot on my parent’s couch in the living room and thinking about how I deserved some rest after a grueling 4 years of learning And…

… I can also clearly remember after about 2 weeks of that, being sick of lying on the couch and thinking…”I can’t live like this! Let me at least go see what’s out there!”

I found out early – especially in the area of career that I had to go out and make my career what I wanted it to be.

Two of my top gifts are encouragement and execution – that means I know how to walk along side of you to motivate you to take action!

My Values

  • I believe anything can be accomplished with the right mindset
  • I believe in giving more than I get
  • I believe in always searching for the positive
  • I value people above profit
  • I value honesty and directness
  • I value humility
  • I value truth and the sincere search for it
  • I value Lifelong learning
  • I value and recognize people as unique
  • I value professionalism
  • I value action and solutions
  • I don’t settle for good enough<
  • I believe in treating you better than I would want to be treated

Leave Sick and Tired for Peace and Purpose!

I help professionals find their peace and purpose.

What does moving from sick and tired to peace and purpose look like?

  • Hating Monday, crying every night, or dreading your boss
  • Jumping from job to job trying to find work that gets you excited about Monday but once you get in, quickly realizing that the grass is NOT greener on that side either
  • Taking jobs that you “can” do because it has always paid the bills but finally get to the point where you realize that you are not doing the things you love
  • Being a top performer at your job, with several promotions under your belt and the thought that this NEXT one is going to make you happier, but it has yet to happen
  • letting everybody else’s needs overshadow your own and have never giving yourself permission to think about what you love or what you want to do because you feel that you have to make sure everyone else is ok
  • Being READY to go but not knowing where to start or which of your many skills to focus on as you think about making a transition

And you long to move into work where you can

  • Grow professionally, have opportunities to get promoted, while exercising all your skills, not just the one skill the company benefits from
  • Work with smart people, the culture is collaborative AND you get paid well
  • Exercise your diverse experience and the company appreciates that diversity of experience and gives you opportunities to use it to make the workplace and the team better
  • Be certain that your valuable contributions and long hours are rewarded and appreciated and where your boss values, respects and advocates for you
  • Get rid of the toxic stress, depression, anxiety, depression and boredom and move into peace, purpose, joy and excitement!