What would it take to think like a person of abundance? This is a pretty deep question for me. As I consider the most abundant thinker I know, the person that comes to mind for me is God.

So, I sat down to think about what I believe God would think about. 

To think like God, I have to first understand him. I can get to know him from his Word.

He is in my heart and so I can also meditate to hear the deep thoughts of my heart.

God is love and so as love, he is always thinking of others and how to make them their best, not control them, but teach them.

He thinks the best of everyone because he sees people as he made them.

He is creative, there is no such thing as limits with God, all things are possible. He is abundant and so he is an incredible giver – he never holds anything back because there is no lack in his thoughts.

He is life – all life emanates from him.

He is never tired, never down, constantly energized, full of ideas, taking inspired action, never bored, always creating.

He is wise – he is not in a box. He is 100% consistent in his character but he is ever evolving and progressing in how he does things.

If I think like this, my success in life is inevitable.

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