How to Make A Career Pivot & Understand Company Culture at Top US Companies


Have you ever wanted to know what a company’s culture is really like? Do they really value growth? Are they truly committed to empowering their staff?
In this interview, Tameka McNair, a top technology executive who has made multiple career pivots shares her experiences of making several career pivots, even during the pandemic! She also gives us a real look into how to understand if a company’s culture is right for you!



Gain Insights on How to Make a Career Pivot and Understand Company Culture at Top U.S. Companies with host Adenike Makinde, Purpose Coach and Career Strategist, and guest speaker Tameka McNair, a top technology executive who has worked for top companies including Microsoft and Nordstrom.
This webinar was recorded October 13, 2020.

As a coach, I am on the frontlines of the job search every day and what I know for sure is that you have to talk to people and build relationships in order to move forward in your career.
Before starting a job search, you must know what you value so that you know what type of company you will flourish in.
That means you have to leave the job board and be willing to reach out and talk to people who have information you need!
Tameka McNair is a tech executive who has taken full control of her career. She shares some great insights on how to know when it’s time to leave and company and how to find mentors and sponsors that can help you make that transition with ease!

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Dates October 13, 2020


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