Navigating the Job Search in 2020: From a Hiring Manager’s Perspective


Have you ever wanted to sit down with a hiring manager and ask how they select candidates, what the company really values and other “insider” questions? Well now is your chance!

In this insightful interview with a 15+ year HR veteran, we explore what really impresses hiring managers and how you can make sure you are connecting with companies where you can flourish!



As a coach, I am on the frontlines of the job search every day and what I know for sure is that it’s important to understand your purpose and your strengths before moving into your job search.
That means taking time to first reflect on your experience, values, gifts and personality, so that you know where you will not only add value to an employer but you know where you will thrive!
You must take full ownership of your career! This means understanding what you bring to the table and selecting companies whose values, product and mission is in alignment with your own!
In this webinar, my guest, Koleki Wright, a seasoned HR Director will be sharing her insights on what hiring managers really value and what you can do to break into top companies!

What you get:
The full recording of the the interview
The transcripts of the recording with Implementation Action Guide (the workbook is in 2 Parts)

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Dates September 22, 2020


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