One of the groups of people I have really come to enjoy helping is technical professionals .

I feel like I am the perfect complement to these brilliant, analytical minds.  I am deeply amazed at how effortlessly they tackle subjects like statistics, math and deep learning algorithms.

It’s not my area of expertise – as a matter of fact it was with MANY, MANY tears and late nights that I was finally able to scrape out a “B” in my stats class in college.

What I do know without a doubt is that I am brilliant as a coach – my gifts include interpersonal savvy, creative problem solving and communicating, among other things.

And let me just stop right here and say for those of you that think I might be tooting my own horn, that true humility is actually acknowledging who you really are –  not overstating it, not understanding it, just stating it.

We were designed to fit together. Who do you love to help? What gifts and talents do you have that make the lives of other people on this Earth better?

Want to find out what your purpose is and who you are designed to serve?

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