You are the CEO of your life and if you really looked at your life as your organization, it would become clear why having a strategic plan is essential. Every company works from it’s strategic plan.

That is why I focus on helping professionals create a career strategy. The beauty of a strategy is that it uses just about every area of your life to push you toward the goal that you have set.

  •         With a career strategy, you will rarely get bored at work because you understand that each step is part of the journey and not just an end unto itself.
  •         You also understand when your time is up in a specific position and are willing to step out, even if there is a measure of “comfort” in your current work
  •         Your focus becomes more intense because there is a purpose behind each thing you do.
  •         A career strategy helps you do your best work without getting caught up in being seen because you are working for yourself even if you are working for someone else.
  •         A career strategy helps you avoid office politics because your end goal is not really the job you are in; it’s the career or business that you have identified 2,  5 or even 10 years down the line.

Are you ready to create and work your career strategy?

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