One of the things that you have to be clear on when designing your new life and/or career is what you value. Most of us were told what to value by culture, religion, values, media or family. But as you consider what you want your life or career to look like – the type of people you want to spend time with or the organization that you want to give your time to – approximately 2000 working hours a year – you can only really live a truly abundant life if you take time to really consider what YOU value. I sit down and write out my list regularly and wanted to share a few of them here:

  •         I believe anything can be accomplished with the right mindset
  •         I believe in giving more than I get
  •         I believe in always searching for the positive
  •         I value people above profit
  •         I value honesty and directness
  •         I value humility
  •         I value truth and the sincere search for it
  •         I value Lifelong learning
  •         I value and recognize people as unique and work with them based on that belief
  •         I value professionalism
  •         I value action and solutions
  •         I don’t settle for good enough
  •         I believe in treating you better than I would want to be treated

Be honest with yourself now. What do you REALLY value?

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